The XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer from Schutt Industries is a revolutionary new vehicle engineered for the extreme off-road overlanding community. As the worlds leading American manufacturer of military trailer products, Schutt Industry sets the bar by which all others are judged with the new XVENTURE severe-duty trailer.  XVENTURE is simply the finest product of its type ever to hit the consumer market.  This is a no compromise must-have piece of equipment for the overland off-road professional and enthusiast alike.  Compare XVENTURE to anything else out there and we are certain you will agree, you just have to get one of these!


XVENTURE Series Products are descendant from a long line of thousands of military variations and special purpose trailer designs. Over the last decade Schutt Industries has become the armed forces go-to source for trailer platforms. When you want the very best trailer money can buy rely on Schutt Industries to set the standard. Quality is a joy to own, delivers the best performance, and holds its value over time



The Schutt Industries XVENTURE Severe-Duty trailer is a substantial product from a substantial organization with a name brand you can trust. We strive to make XVENTURE the defacto off-road trailer in history based on the wants and desires of you the user, our customers.

Instead of just offering you what we think you should have based on our tastes, we have performed extensive market research, field testing, and analyzed user feedback to shape XVENTURE into the finest product of its type ever produced. Just like you, we do not settle for second best. Order yours today!



Once you see and try out our XVENTURE trailers, you’ll know that you’re looking at something in an entirely different league. Tens of thousands of these chassis perform all over the world in the harshest environments that exist. So we’re ready for any rough-and-ready weekend adventure you can come up with. Our skilled and dedicated hometown workers are ready to build your trailer at our manufacturing facility in Wisconsin.
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