Schutt Industries is Americas leading manufacturer of industrial and military grade cargo handling equipment. Its long history of engineering high-quality sophisticated solutions for the most demanding military implementation has earned Schutt Industries a prestigious brand name as the go-to source for its world-class products used by every military branch.


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Schutt Industries line of military trailers set the standard by which all others are judged for mission critical applications.



Military build quality developed over decades of manufacturing expertise creates the very best commercial trailers on the market.



The XVENTURE Off-Road Trailer from Schutt Industries is a no compromise must-have piece of equipment for the overland professional and enthusiast alike.

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Schutt Industries is your one-stop-shop for severe duty military, commercial, and consumer trailers, as well as cargo equipment. Based in Clintonville, Wisconsin, this manufacturer is a leader of producing military and industrial cargo-hauling equipment. With an extremely knowledgeable, dedicated, and highly skilled workforce, every inch of this 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility exudes state-of-the-art engineering and design that produces high-quality and sophisticated American made products.

Each product is carefully constructed, thoroughly tested, and continually reviewed—ensuring each item manufactured under the Schutt Industries name either meets or exceeds the high demands of their customers.  Schutt Industries deliver high quality and reliable products for the best value. Buy American. Buy the best.

Integration services

Custom Engineered Solutions

In addition to our baseline products, we also offer custom engineered solutions to meet your needs. We are expert at equipment integration implementation, building advanced transport platforms that merge systems with mobility. Schutt Industries provides the most sought after solutions for communications, disaster response, and defense needs meeting the most demanding performance requirements.

When only the very best most reliable products will do, count on Schutt Industries for all your integration needs.